Catfish Rigs

There are 2 kind of kings on the river : the first one is the Barbel alias “Barbus barbus” and the second one and the biggest is the Catfish . The king of the river has a big body,  with a flat head and big mustaches, in average it reaches 2 -3 m long and 150 kg in weight.

Mostly hunts during the night  when the water temperature is between 4-8 degrees . It likes small fishes and birds  like :


But it will not refuse fish pellet:pelete 1





heare are some rigs:5f3df75eb8df359a85929426ecd14f36a65635691bdf593104aef5613258ecf6liver.jpgcarligbuchet rame

Do remember that catfish is a lazy fish and  it doesn’t like to feel the weight of the rig.


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