Survival of the fittest

Last  month we were in the mountains and on the way I decided to use my phone’s gps instead of my car’s one. The gps phone decided to show me one small alternative route, which was a forest road.

In my human naivety I said to myself : I trust the internet .Of course, we drove some kilometers even on a river and rock roads until we got totally lost.

In our adventure, we have decided to explore the place by foot and after one hour in the forest we’ve got that feeling as if somebody was watching us…like a big bear . I couldn’t actually see it, but I felt like I could hear his breath and I repeatedly looked behind and in  front of me. In my soul I could feel as if I was hunted.  After a few  minutes  we heard  some noises , it was just a car and afterwards we found out that the people inside it were also lost. They were locals and they told  us to be careful because in that forest are bears and it is dangerous to travel on unknown paths.

Nothing happened to us ( thanks God!), but if by any chance you get lost in the woods, how will you survive in the wild nature?

Our ancestors were skilled to hunting  and fishing  and those gifts are also in your DNA. Here are some basic primitive fish trapping techniques from all around the world :

If you ever find yourself travelling somewhere far away, I would recommend you having  in your  traveling gear something like survival card and some rope or maybe some fishing line. It is small and very light, you can check this site Wilderness Survival Card . It also explains you how to use it.

You can make a fishing hook  from almost everything : your clothes, cans , watches,  and you can also use animal bones or wood .


Watch this guy show you how to use stick hooks, honestly  it is very difficult,  but not impossible.


“There are all these moments you think you won’t survive.And then you survive”


How to make a fishing knot

An experienced fisherman knows that the most important part of fishing is the preparation. We know that this process is the main core of fishing  and  the secret  is in the fishing line and the hooks.

Many fisherman’s don’t know that the line can vibrate in the water and make the fish suspicious . So, if one day you don’t catch anything maybe it is time to change your strategy. The nylon lines make a bigger vibration than textile ones if you fish in a river with big currents.

Here are some examples of fishing knots from all around the world :

Catfish Rigs

There are 2 kind of kings on the river : the first one is the Barbel alias “Barbus barbus” and the second one and the biggest is the Catfish . The king of the river has a big body,  with a flat head and big mustaches, in average it reaches 2 -3 m long and 150 kg in weight.

Mostly hunts during the night  when the water temperature is between 4-8 degrees . It likes small fishes and birds  like :


But it will not refuse fish pellet:pelete 1





heare are some rigs:5f3df75eb8df359a85929426ecd14f36a65635691bdf593104aef5613258ecf6liver.jpgcarligbuchet rame

Do remember that catfish is a lazy fish and  it doesn’t like to feel the weight of the rig.

Life is too short for not fishing…

Today’s society make us consume a lot of  coffee and energy  for basically  nothing . Think about it, most of your salary goes for  some things that you don’t need. The car that you just bought was doing  the same thing as the old one – drives you from point A to point B.  So, in our stressed  society we forget about us and we need to take a step backward and go  somewhere far away  where we can connect with nature , with our  ancestral spirit .

Our great-grandfathers had to fight for life , they  had to hunt  and fish and pretty much they didn’t call for a pizza, they had to cook it. This blog is dedicated for anybody who fishes or enjoy the spirit of nature.

gone fishing 1

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