Choosing the perfect day for fishing is very important . One of the most useful things is to understand the fish behavior, so when the water temperature increases, the fish eats more . This behavior happens because of the fish metabolism. The metabolism represents the sum of the chemical reactions that take place within each... Continue Reading →

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Survival of the fittest

Last  month we were in the mountains and on the way I decided to use my phone's gps instead of my car's one. The gps phone decided to show me one small alternative route, which was a forest road. In my human naivety I said to myself : I trust the internet .Of course, we drove some... Continue Reading →

How to make a fishing knot

An experienced fisherman knows that the most important part of fishing is the preparation. We know that this process is the main core of fishing  and  the secret  is in the fishing line and the hooks. Many fisherman's don't know that the line can vibrate in the water and make the fish suspicious . So, if one... Continue Reading →

Catfish Rigs

There are 2 kind of kings on the river : the first one is the Barbel alias "Barbus barbus'' and the second one and the biggest is the Catfish . The king of the river has a big body,  with a flat head and big mustaches, in average it reaches 2 -3 m long and 150... Continue Reading →

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